Maddie Amyotte RN IBCLC

Location: Fort McMurray Alberta Canada T9K1R3

Maddie Amyotte RN IBCLC 2019-03-06T11:15:22-07:00

Tudor Codreanu Doctor of Dental Surgery

Dr. Tudor Codreanu (BN, DDS, GPR, IV Cert) grew up in Toronto. After finishing high school, he decided to join the Canadian Forces and served as a reservist for two years. It is there that he discovered his passion for helping others.
Location: 684 Ontario St Stratford, ON N5A 3J7 Canada

Tudor Codreanu Doctor of Dental Surgery 2018-09-21T18:51:00-07:00

John Fayad DDS

Location: 50 Marketplace Avenue Unit 11/13 Ottawa, Ontario Canada K2J5G3

John Fayad DDS 2018-09-21T18:51:57-07:00

Kelly MacGregor MD CCFP IBCLC BSc

Dr. Kelly MacGregor is a Canadian trained family doctor practising in an interdisciplinary breastfeeding and infant nutrition clinic in Edmonton, Alberta.
Location: 101-3230 Parsons Road NW Edmonton, AB T6N1M2

Kelly MacGregor MD CCFP IBCLC BSc 2018-12-19T19:08:00-07:00

Linda Dionne Marcoux RN, BScN, IBCLC, RLC

Linda graduated from a Nursing Diploma program down east (Cegep de Matane, Matane, Quebec, 1977-1980), came to Alberta for work and for the past 38 years held various nursing positions.
Location: McLennan, Alberta, Canada T0H 2L0

Linda Dionne Marcoux RN, BScN, IBCLC, RLC 2018-09-21T18:54:37-07:00

Julia Mio IBCLC, RLC

My areas of interest include neurobehavioral models of infant feeding, oral anatomy and the implication of birth practices on breastfeeding.
Location: 3230 Parsons Road, Edmonton, AB T6N1M2

Julia Mio IBCLC, RLC 2018-12-03T19:33:30-07:00

Dr Moe Tabesh Hon.BSc (UofT), DDS (DAL), GPR (UBC)

Location: Greenwood Park Dentistry 501-496 Discovery Avenue Kingston, Ontario K7K 7E9 CANADA

Dr Moe Tabesh Hon.BSc (UofT), DDS (DAL), GPR (UBC) 2019-01-17T07:59:40-07:00

Mila Zenith DDS, BMedSc

Dr. Mila Zenith is a general dentist and mother of two sons. After her second son was born with labial and lingual ties that affected breastfeeding, she has become passionate about providing access to diagnosis and treatment of restrictive oral frena.
Location: Apple Dental Care 10803 124 St Edmonton, AB T5M 0H4

Mila Zenith DDS, BMedSc 2019-03-01T09:43:38-07:00