Marcela Alvarez MD, IBCLC

Location: Chile

Marcela Alvarez MD, IBCLC 2024-01-10T12:03:26-08:00

Javiera Brantt

Dentist of Valparaiso University since 2016, Lbreastfeeding consultant from LACTARED Location: Viña del Mar , Valparaíso (VS) 2520015 CL

Javiera Brantt 2019-08-14T09:20:52-07:00

Javiera Rojas Jadue

I am javiera Rojas Jadue, pediatric dentistas since 2011, breastfeeding consultant from Celacma. Founder and president of the board of Fundacion Mamá Odontopediatra in Chile.
Location: Estoril 120 of 217 las Condes Santiago, Chile 7591047

Javiera Rojas Jadue 2019-07-29T15:41:29-07:00

Paulina Pavez Marchant

Professional integrative nutritionist maternal and child, lactation consultant recertified
Location: Volcan Villarrica 75, Con Con , Chile

Paulina Pavez Marchant 2018-12-13T14:43:01-08:00