Marcela Alvarez MD, IBCLC

Location: Chile

Marcela Alvarez MD, IBCLC 2024-01-10T12:03:26-08:00

Dr Kumar Ankur MBBS MD DNB Neonatologist

I am a Neonatologist & highly motivated to improve the breast feeding related problem mainly Tongue Tie.
Location: Head Neonatologist at BLK Superspeciality Hospital, Delhi, India Zipcode-110005

Dr Kumar Ankur MBBS MD DNB Neonatologist 2024-01-10T12:03:26-08:00

Shirley Chan-Ramirez MD, IBCLC

I am a pediatrician who practices breastfeeding medicine, with a special interest in how restrictive oral frenula (tongue-ties and lip-ties) affect breastfeeding.
Location: 2017 Broadway St Pearland TX 77581

Shirley Chan-Ramirez MD, IBCLC 2024-01-10T12:03:26-08:00

Mariana Colmenares MD, IBCLC

Mariana Colmenares Castaño was born in Mexico City, and from an early age she was fascinated by animals and nature. She studied medicine at the National University of Mexico (UNAM), and found her passion as a pediatrician doing her residency at the National Pediatric Institute.
Location: Hospital Médica Sur Puente de Piedra #150 Torre 1, Cons. 308 Colonia Toriello Guerra Delegación Tlalpan C.P 14000

Mariana Colmenares MD, IBCLC 2024-01-10T12:03:26-08:00

Shaul Dollberg, MD

Dr. Dollberg is a pediatrician and a neonatologist practicing in Israel and Professor of Pediatrics in Tel Aviv University. He has been treating tongue ties for over 15 years and is a leading researcher in many published papers on tongue-tie.
Location: Tel Aviv

Shaul Dollberg, MD 2024-01-10T12:03:27-08:00