Leo Alfonso Dizon

Oral Surgeon/ Father of two/ Breastfeeding Advocate who believes breastfeeding is a responsibility of both parents
Location: Dentine Dental Center, Door 1 Rizal Memorial College Building, F. Torres Street Davao City 8000 Philippines

Leo Alfonso Dizon 2021-09-30T11:10:11-07:00

Axel T. Gerochi Dentist

Dentist who advocates Zero-Use of Feeding Bottles and Pushes Breastfeeding in the Philippines. A mother of 3, A Breastfeeding Counselor.
Location: 4th Floor, Montivar Bldg., 34 Jupiter Street, Belair Village, Makati city, Philippines 1209

Axel T. Gerochi Dentist 2020-02-04T12:48:19-08:00

Debra Dawn Occena Sablada DDM FPCOMS FAAOMS FIAOMS

Wife/Mama/Oral Surgeon/Breastfeeding Advocate & Peer Lacation Counselor
Location: 216 Medical Arts Building Davao Doctors Hospital Quirino Avenue Davao City 8000 Philippines

Debra Dawn Occena Sablada DDM FPCOMS FAAOMS FIAOMS 2020-10-26T09:40:45-07:00