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  • Phone: 703-598-3497

  • 44025 Pipeline Plaza, Suite #225
    Ashburn, VA 20147
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Dr. Krystle Dean-Duru DDS

Ashburn Children’s Dentistry
Dr. Krystle Dean-Duru is board certified pediatric dentist and oral airway specialist practicing in Ashburn, Virginia. As an integrative laser pediatric dental surgeon, I work tirelessly to stay abreast of emerging research, and improve the quality of life for children by learning from the world’s leading researchers and clinicians. Through these means, we are continually integrating critical aspects of oral structure, craniofacial development, and its impact on the pediatric airway in the service of providing optimal patient outcomes. Caring for children is so powerful and rewarding and with that, understanding the importance of utilizing gentle and minimal intervention therapies. Treating the source of their issues—instead of the symptoms—and focusing on early prevention, has been critical to my role in educating parents and assisting their blossoming child’s development into a healthy and resilient adult.