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Julie Jetzer LMBT, CPT, CIMI, CST-I

Baby Balance Method
Julie Jetzer, Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist LMBT #17706, Certified Personal Trainer. Looking at her clients needs through both of those platforms has allowed the creation of Corrective Core Method and Baby Balance Method.

Julie’s mission is to clinically support women through their prenatal, postpartum and beyond journey along with their babies by restoring balance in their bodies. Her specialized expertise combined with her energizing personality provides an exceptional environment for healing.

Baby Balance Method (BBM) is a combination of CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY, SHONISHIN INFANT ACUPRESSURE, INFANT MASSAGE, AND REFLEX ACTIVATION AND/OR INTEGRATION: All methods provides a gentle, hands-on approach to release tensions deep in the baby’s body. BBM helps provide balance and realignment, therefore the baby becomes calmer, less tense, has improved jaw and tongue mobility which typically improves breastfeeding. Ensuring the baby is as comfortable as possible, Julie will relieve pain and dysfunction, as well as improve whole-body health and performance. The touch used is no more than five grams of pressure (the weight of a nickel). In a typical pediatric BBM session, infants are generally placed on a massage table, in the therapist’s lap, or in the parent’s lap. The treatment portion of the session typically consists of hands-on, rhythmic massages across the baby’s skull, jaw, mouth area, and temples, and in the mouth.
Baby Balance Method can help: – Latching to bottles or breast – Vomiting – Fine motor skills problems – Torticollis – Cerebral Palsy – Down’s Syndrome – Colic – Reflux – Constipation – Teething problems – Misshapen head – Ear pain

With over 18 advanced training programs and prenatal/postpartum/infant certifications, Julie has created a platform to serve women or infants with this common, but usually, unrecognized tension.

By helping women through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum development, Julie has realized how these methods could have improved her own journey into motherhood. She wishes she could have had the support she provides and wonders how different her family’s lives would have been. The support, information, innate self-healing tools, and specific therapeutic techniques that Julie provides, allows clients to better understand their bodies, be empowered, and re-balance their lives in order to be better for their families and themselves.