Knowledge Gap

Knowledge Gap 2018-02-02T16:56:59-08:00

Knowledge Gaps

There are many gaps between our assessment and personal experience and research supported scientific data.

Listed here are few of the knowledge gaps identified. Please suggest to us more knowledge gaps that need research:

  • Indication for frenotomy other than breastfeeding difficulties in the form of┬ámaternal nipple pain and latching difficulties.
  • Best age to perform frenotomy
  • Best tool to perform frenotomy
  • Post surgery care protocol
  • Adjuvant therapy to lingual frenotomy (body work, etc)
  • Indications and Efficacy of lip tie frenotomy (Randomized controlled trial needed).
  • Indications for lingual frenotomy in older than newborn age
  • Effect of neonatal frenotomy on speech and articulation later in life (prospective followup study needed)
  • Aftercare of tongue-tie release to prevent scrring