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Laura Cooper Ba, IBCLC, CD-L

Advanced Breastfeeding Support of Las Vegas
My educational journey started in the psychology field. After moving from North Dakota, I transferred from the University of North Dakota to the University of Nevada Las Vegas and received my B.A. in psychology in 2013. During my time as a undergraduate I worked hard to prepare for applying to clinical Ph.D. programs by working as a research assistant and lead research assistant in the Children’s PTSD lab and Neuropsychology lab at UNLV. Additionally I achieved membership status in PHI CHI International Honor Society in Psychology.

After graduation, I was looking for something to work towards while I took the time to have another baby and prepare further for applying to postgraduate programs. It was then, that I found my true path and my vocation in breastfeeding. I was already a fierce advocate for breastfeeding and I was already supporting and helping my peers with breastfeeding as much as I could at that time. In 2015, I became a Certificated Lactation Education Counselor and have since worked with families in the community with common breastfeeding obstacles through support groups, home visits, office visits, and prenatal breastfeeding classes.

As my time went on in this field it became increasingly apparent that I needed to continue my education and expand my scope of practice in this field to be able to provide the very best care possible for my clients. In 2017, I was accepted to the University of California San Diego Extension Lactation Consultant program. This program has strict requirements for candidates and includes a 9 month, intensive program that is accredited by Allied Health Education Programs. Additionally, it is one of the few programs backed by the IBCLE International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners. Through this program, and with my continued lactation intern work, I have acquired over 700 directly mentored clinical hours helping support breastfeeding families in our community. I completed this course in June 2018 and sat for the board exam in Oct. 2018. I received my IBCLC in December of 2018. I have most recently completed labor doula training with Prodoula and will start accepting interviews for labor doula services in March of 2019.
As well as being passionate about my work in the Lactation field, I am a proud member of the Southern Nevada Breastfeeding Coalition serve on the board as the Vice President for 2018 and 2019.