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Laura Hancock Jones DMD

Union County Family Dental
Dr. Hancock entered the tongue-tie world after identifying issues in her son’s health that she could impact through dentistry! She has experienced the joy of release since discovering that she, too, was experiencing tethered tissue challenges. Dr. Hancock was eager to begin training with Dr. Soroush Zaghi and The Breathe Institute in 2016. She was able to further her training as a member of the American Laser Study Club and spent most of 2017 preparing to launch the services in rural Western Kentucky. After much research and consultation with her peers in the IATP, Dr. Hancock was able to incorporate CO2 laser release in her small hometown of Morganfield, Kentucky in 2018. Dr. Hancock was named the Kentucky Oral Health Champion in 2015 and offers a holistic approach to oral wellness for all ages in her practice.