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Namrata Hardy Board Certified Pediatric Dentist

Hardy Pediatric Dentistry
Dr. Nam has been practicing Pediatric Dentistry since 2014 and took a specialized interest in treating infants with Tethered Oral Tissues, or Lip/ Tongue ties since 2016. She is laser certified by the Academy of Laser Dentistry (ALD) and is a member of the International Affiliation of Tongue Tie Professionals (IATP).
I know first hand how difficult those first few weeks of life can be when we’re all trying to figure how breast feeding works. After going through the struggles of breastfeeding with my two boys, I learned that they both had tongue ties, and discovered how much it can impact the latch and experience of nursing. After releasing their ties, there was a dramatic difference in efficiency of nursing with a much stronger latch, no more pain, no more drooling of milk and a happier baby. I was able to successfully nurse both my boys for over a year.