Jessica Ginter DDS

I am a dentist in South Bend, IN who is passionate about releasing infants who are lip tied / tongue tied because my son was born with ties and after they were released it made a world of a difference and saved my breastfeeding relationship.
Location: 17901 Turners Dr. South Bend, IN 46635

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Gemma Regan LPN, LCCE, IBCLC

Gemma has worked for 40 years as a LPN in various hospital and office settings, with a special interest in the OB, Labor & Delivery, Post Partum, & Newborn World
Location: 1 Po Security Building #1052 Notre Dame, IN 46556

Gemma Regan LPN, LCCE, IBCLC 2021-01-04T08:55:37-08:00