Dr. Kevin Black DMD

Dr. Kevin Black is a general dentist, a board-certified laser surgeon, and a certified breastfeeding specialist with a special interest in helping babies and mothers overcome various challenges caused by oral restrictions.
Location: 6400 Fannin St Ste 2740 Houston, TX 77030

Dr. Kevin Black DMD 2021-02-15T08:52:44-08:00

Alicia Delgado DDS, Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Delgado is a Pediatric Dentist with a focus on prevention of dental disease and conservative treatment approaches with a special interest in how restrictive oral frenula (tongue-ties and lip-ties) affect breastfeeding and more.
Location: 1000 Bay Area Blvd Suite A, Houston, TX 77058

Alicia Delgado DDS, Pediatric Dentist 2019-07-22T09:50:21-07:00

Latrice Foster DDS, MPH, MSD Board-Certified Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Foster completed two year of residency program in Pediatric Dentistry at Virginia Commonwealth University where she focused on dental needs of infants, adolescents, teens, and patients with special health care needs.
Location: 8945 Highway 6 North Suite 250 Houston, TX 77095

Latrice Foster DDS, MPH, MSD Board-Certified Pediatric Dentist 2020-02-04T12:36:12-08:00

Dr. Adam C Shisler DDS, MSD

Dr. Adam Shisler is a board-certified pediatric dentist and a credentialed laser surgeon by the American Board of Laser Surgery.
Location: Cammarata Pediatric Dentistry Group 5252 Westchester St, Ste 190 Houston, TX 77005

Dr. Adam C Shisler DDS, MSD 2018-09-21T18:27:58-07:00

Victoria Sullivan DDS, M.Ed

Victoria Sullivan has been in private practice for 23 years and is now at a University setting.
Location: 7500 Cambridge Street Suite 5302 Houston Texas 77054

Victoria Sullivan DDS, M.Ed 2018-09-21T18:30:33-07:00

Leah Whitley IBCLC

Leah discovered her passion for breastfeeding after the birth of her eldest daughter. With nearly a decade of experience, her ultimate goal is to facilitate happy, healthy, babies while simultaneously providing the tools and support families need to be successful.
Location: Houston, TX 77030

Leah Whitley IBCLC 2018-09-21T18:35:01-07:00