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About Dr. Rajeev Agarwal

After this webinar, attendees will have a clear understanding of topics related to Tongue Ties including how to define, identify, and the associated symptoms associated with Tongue Ties.

In this webinar, clinical issues associated with Tongue Ties and their significance/effect on feeding, speech, and other oral-motor related difficulties.

Attendees will be informed on Tongue Tie treatment options as well as expectations pre and post frenectomy, including aftercare. Further, clinical case studies of tongue tied patients from Agave Pediatrics will be reviewed and discussed.

Webinar Objectives:

– Describe a Tongue Tie

– How to identify a Tongue Tie and associate symptoms.

– Identify Clinical issues associated with a tongue Tie.

– Recognize treatment options.

– Review Expectations post Frenectomy, including aftercare

– Discuss Clinical Case Studies

– Tongue Ties Presentation over the Life time

– General Discussion on myths fallacies and truths about tongue ties.

– Role of adjunct therapies in management of Tongue Ties.

– Medical Perspective of Tongue Ties.

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What is Tongue Tie?

The lingual frenulum (or frenum), is a remnant of tissue in the midline between the undersurface of the tongue and the floor of the mouth. When it interferes with normal tongue function it is called “symptomatic tongue-tie” or “symptomatic ankyloglossia”. Tongue-tie can thereby adversely affect breastfeeding. Research is urgently needed to elucidate the implications that tongue-tie and other oral restrictions may have on chewing, swallowing, regurgitation, digestion, speech and breathing disorders.

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