Jennifer Jones RN, BSN, MPH, IBCLC

Brief info

Jennifer has been helping breastfeeding mothers and infants for over 25 years in Florida. Her IBCLC training as LLL Leader and later through mentorship from Faith Ploude LLLL, IBCLC and Christine Edelson LLL, IBCLC. As an IBCLC, Jennifer began practicing in the hospital setting while growing her private practice.

Professionally, Jennifer learned about tongue-tie (TT) release through Bud Tannis MD (one of the first male IBCLCs) who was performing frenotomies in his pediatric office over 24 years ago.


Personally, Jennifer was affected by TT when she gave birth to a tongue-tied baby some 22 years ago and experienced immediate relief after a frenotomy. However, one of the greatest experiences in Jennifer’s tongue-tie education was when she met IATP Founding Member Betty Coryllos after identifying Betty’s grandson as being tongue-tied. Fortunately, Jennifer had all the right answers to Betty’s questions and was invited back to Betty’s son’s South Florida home to assist Betty with the frenotomy.

As an IBCLC in private practice, Jennifer advocates for breastfeeding mothers using a multi-disciplinary approach working with dental and medical professionals as well as several types of bodyworkers to assist post-release breastfeeding infants with maximizing their breastfeeding ability.

Jennifer has been privileged to attend each of IATP Summits, which has increased her tongue- tie knowledge exponentially. Jennifer is excited to be a part of such a hardworking team of board members functioning in the position of Treasurer.