Trish Wierenga APRN, FNP-BC, IBCLC, PMH-C

Brief info

Trish Wierenga works as a private practice IBCLC with her consulting business, Total Lactation Care, LLC. Trish has been a nurse since 1998 and a lactation consultant in the central Illinois area since 2011.

Trish is the acting chairperson of IATP, attended the 2014 summit in Montreal, and was a speaker for two sessions at the 2016 summit in Denver, Colorado. She lives in central Illinois with her husband, Brian and four children.


Recent Webinars:

Management of “The Dash”: Professional Guidance During a Delay in Ankyloglossia Treatment
Whether a delay in treatment due to a “sheltering-in-place” order or a potentially normal delay between an assessment and release, practitioners can support the family with safety plans and preparations for the time when treatment can occur. Trish will present a modified 2020 version of her 2016 IATP Summit presentation to help us manage this time of adjustment in our care.

The Family Impact of Tethered Tissues: Personal and Professional Case Studies
The implications of tethered tissues can extend past feeding, speech, and breathing to include altered family dynamics and coping strategies. In this bonus webinar, Trish will present a personal case study of her third child and his transition from a struggling young child to a thriving teenager as well as present a set of cases within a single family.